The opportunity for Lancashire and South Cumbria

Our region has 1.8 million people living in cities with diverse cultures and communities, rural areas and coastal towns.

We want to give people of all ages and communities equal access to the best possible hospital facilities. As well as replacing ageing buildings, we want to provide a network of hospitals that meet the changing healthcare needs of every person in the region.

Transforming hospitals

We want to build on what our hospitals are already great at, while developing new cutting-edge hospital facilities that take advantage of new healthcare technologies and treatments to offer the absolute best in modern healthcare. We also want to improve the experience that patients, families and carers have in hospital, offering privacy and dignity through more private rooms, family areas and more space for our staff to care for patients.

Positive change for our region

The positive impact of this work will reach further than new hospitals. It will attract investment and jobs to Lancashire and South Cumbria New Hospitals Programme, benefitting everyone and boosting our local economy now and in the future.

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