We received a complaint via a friend of Elena about her treatment at antenatal services at Burnley Hospital. She had various concerns about her treatment including lack of communication, incorrect medication which could have been fatal for her baby, lack of sharing of blood test results. All of this had resulted in Elena becoming very distressed, frustrated and anxious about accessing necessary care. Her friend’s experience at the same time of antenatal services was completely different, leaving Elena feeling that there was a disparity as a result of race differences between her and her friend.

We sent Elena’s complaint to the hospital complaints and antenatal team to make sure she got the support she needed as soon as possible. Following our intervention, we received the note below from her friend.

“She has been to Burnley for a scan today and to see the midwife. Already there has been some positive changes to note, including communication and approach.

They have agreed that the dose was too low. The scans are showing that the baby although still on the smaller side, is within normal range and have brought forward scheduled appointments and scans.

She is already feeling more confident, so we just want to say thank you. They key of course will be maintaining a good level of care and communication which we will keep you updated on.”