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Your spotlight on local services

Our 22nd community access point has now been set up



Healthwatch BwD has a new community access point in Blackburn to help support local people access services and share their experience of health and social care.

Through the organisations youth project ‘Amplify’, which to date has engaged and supported over 1800 young people in the Borough, the team of Healthwatch staff and volunteers have created a partnership with the Everybody Centre.

The Everybody Centre is a service attached to Barbara Castle Way Health Centre, designed to support young people in a range of areas, including health and social care. This partnership has enabled Healthwatch BwD to visit the service on a monthly basis to engage with the young people, talk about their experiences of local services and help young people find and access health and social care services.

The Everybody Centre is the 22nd community access point Healthwatch BwD have created. The access points enables Healthwatch to support local people throughout the Borough, in both health services and non-health services. Other access points include the job centre, Asda, leisure centres, and 3 high schools; all of which means the organisation is able to support as many local residents as possible.]

Healthwatch BwD support local people have their voices heard in health and social care, and providing a service to help people find and access services.