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Your spotlight on local services

Healthwatch BwD from a volunteers point of view


Karl Riding has volunteered over 80 hours over the past 6 months with Healthwatch BwD. Karl is responsible for writing minutes for our loneliness and isolation volunteer-led program, supporting engagement and signposting work and producing art work for our publications.

Last week Karl supported our signpost and information officer at one of our 15 access points. Along with providing information about local services, the pair also asked people for feedback about their local services. After a successful visit, Karl reflected on his day with Healthwatch BwD:

“That was the best signposting I've ever done. Everything was right. I love the health centre at Darwen, were its situated, the people, and the welcome we got and we had the weather on our side too which was a bonus.

It was days like today that makes me so damn lucky I'm part of Healthwatch and work alongside the finest of people who I value greatly.

I found it amazing the amount of interest we got today with six forms in total and lovely people that talked to us both. Well I'm certainly looking forward to more of that.

Pleasure working alongside you as always.”


Karl Riding supporting staff at one of our access points